The Korongo Series

The four-volume Korongo Series chronicles the adventures of Jenny Sandau, her older brother Daniel, their mother and stepfather over the two years they spend in East Africa. So far, the series has only appeared in German. I plan to prepare English-language editions in the near future.

KORONGO is the Swahili word for stork - a creature that makes its home on two continents and transcends the boundaries that lie between them.  

Vol. 1: African Night Flight
Jenny Sandau and her older brother Daniel are torn from their safe and comfortable life in Berlin when their father dies in a small plane crash and their physician mother decides to begin a new career at a clinic in Zimmermann's Bend, a small village in central Tanzania. Her spur-of-the moment marriage to Will Chapman, an American bush pilot with a murky past, makes this transition all the harder to swallow. But when Will starts giving them flight lessons in his Cessna, and is then himself kidnapped by an international crime syndicate, the two teenagers are faced with a fateful decision - should they flee to safety or take a chance on their new piloting skills and search for their stepfather from the air?



Vol. 2: Wings Like Rushing Water
While flying home from a Christmas holiday with her grandparents in Berlin, Jenny finds herself seated next to Paul, a young British development volunteer who unexpectedly turns out to have the same destination. Why is Paul more interested in going diving in Lake Victoria than in fulfilling his contract at the clinic? Is his quest somehow related to an enquiry by the Tanzanian national police and a full-scale underwater search that is being undertaken by a team of South African treasure hunters? Whatever this 'treasure' actually consists of, the outcome of 'Operation Wildfire' could determine the fate of an entire continent.



Vol. 3: The North Wind Express
While visiting their stepfather's parents on the Pacific coast of the United States, Jenny and Daniel are invited to serve as cargomasters on board the Aurora, a restored 1930s DC-3 passenger plane that is being ferried from Seattle to Mombasa on the Indian Ocean. Their hopes for an exciting but safe travel experience are dashed when they receive a death threat aimed at the entire crew. Who among the five-member crew on board has an interest in preventing the Aurora from reaching its destination? As Jenny and Daniel make their way by air across Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Italy, Egypt and the Horn of Africa, they realise very quickly that every journey contains the seed of an adventure.


Vol. 4: Rendezvous on Zanzibar

After spending two years with her family in East Africa, Jenny plans to interrupt her journey home with a visit to the fabled spice island of Zanzibar, where she is to meet up with her boyfriend Joseph. She dreams of afternoons spent on the beach and scarcely gives a thought to Zanzibar's previous tragic history as the hub of the East African slave trade. But Joseph never arrives at their rendezvous in front of the 'House of Wonders', and as more and more promising young people disappear off the face of the earth, Jenny is forced to confront the fact that the slave trade never died but lives on stronger than ever...